A Parsley Bouquet

When Claire was just a little girl
she would eat handfuls of parsley from her mother’s garden.
She loved the way the parsley tasted
and the way it crunched inside her mouth.
Her mother could always tell when Claire had been eating parsley
because her beaming smile was filled with bright green leaves.

As Claire grew older, she built a reputation for being
the kind of girl who stole your parsley garnish while dining in a restaurant.
It was common knowledge that Claire loved parsley.

When Claire and Ryan first met,
they shared stories from their childhoods, at which point
Ryan was made aware of Claire’s fondness for this little green garnish.
During the beginning stages of their relationship,
Claire passed by Ryan’s apartment every morning on her way to work.
She would park close by, buzz his apartment and he’d rush downstairs
so they could grab a coffee together. They began to see each other almost every day.

One day when Claire was walking back to her car after a long day of work,
she saw a packaged bouquet under her windshield wiper.
“Aw” she thought, “Ryan bought me flowers.” Then she read the card:

An afternoon snack.
– Ryan.

“What?” she thought, and then opened the
nicely wrapped package to find a beautiful bouquet of PARSLEY.
For Claire, this was the best surprise ever.

Later, Ryan confessed that the man at grocery store
gave him the funniest of looks when asked to wrap a bunch of parsley up like flowers.

You may notice a few sprigs of parsley in Claire’s bouquet and
Ryan’s boutonniere. Claire and Ryan have been growing parsley
in their back yard especially for today.

It’s real love.

C & R

Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh) shortandsweetphotography.ca

Photo credit: Short and Sweet Photography by Dana Pugh